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It can be used both during the Day & Night, it is Super Absorbent and Super Dry. Babies require adequate play time as much as adequate sleep. With Air-Soft Technology, Umbilical Cord Notch, Aloe Vera & Chamomile Extracts, MOLFIX guarantees you a happy and healthy baby. Try it today!!!

Umbilical Cord Notch that helps in the healing process.

Anti leakage elastic barriers (leak-proof barriers) to prevent leakages of any sort.

Elastic side bands, giving your baby freedom of movement and also allows the diaper to adjust to your baby’s changing tummy size as they feed. No need to re-adjust.

Double absorbent area, soaking up all your baby’s pee

Soft breathable internal and external layers, allowing free flow of air and prevent diaper rash.

Skin friendly approved.

Latex, Paraben and BPA free.

Aloe Vera and Chamomile extracts.

Product Table with the available sizes:

Diaper Size Age Weight
3 Seven to 12 months 6.1-9kg
4 18 to 48 months 9.1-15kg
5 Three years and up 15.1-20kg
6 Three years and up 20kg+

3 (Three), 4 (Four), 5 (Five), 6 (Six)


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